Heal your suffering: A Tibetan meditation

Gabriella Wright is an actor, model and Co-Founder of the Never Alone initiative alongside Deepak Chopra and Poonacha Machaiah. Suffering is a memory. That’s what it is. And if we cut the memory, then we’re free. But sometimes the memory is very, very strong. So you have to use remedies techniques. It hurts. Things hurt. […]

Insights From the First Global Survey of Balance and Harmony

World Happiness Report Harmony

Scholarly understanding of happiness continues to advance with every passing year, with new ideas and insights constantly emerging. Some constructs, like life evaluation, have been established for decades, generating extensive research. Contrary to this, other well-being-related topics are only beginning to receive due recognition and attention, including balance and harmony. However, empirical insight into how […]

Daily practices to keep a good Mental Hygiene

Gabriella Wright is a british actor and model who -alongside Deepak Chopra, PhD. and Poonacha Machaiah- founded Never alone, an initiative to incubate a new vision for emotional and mental health. Maybe, as you know, I’m an actor. Being an actor, you have to go beyond what you see. You have to dive into the […]

Energetical cleanse: A path towards balance

What do you understand about energy? Well, I understand that energy is everywhere and it is truly in everything. We are energy, but we are also a source of energy. Everything that we think is creating an emotion; every thought generates emotion, and that emotion is energy in motion.

From Separation to Reconnection. Happytalism.


In 1997, right after their civil war, I came to Bosnia and Herzegovina as an International Observer with the OSCE/UN. Back then, I was a recent master’s graduate in Peace Studies with a newly written thesis about the need for the ‘Fulfillment of Our Identity to Solve Conflicts”. So, there I was, at the core […]

The Techniques to Yoga

The practice of yoga has a very long history as a unified lifestyle science. Those who practice yoga in its full form find that it connects with almost every aspect of their inner and outer lives. When understood simply as a physical fitness practice, it is easy to lose the true meaning of yoga. However, […]

Yoga from a multidimensional perspective

“Yoga practice takes an individual on an inward journey, and through Yoga, one enters a rarefied state of consciousness, a transparency, and luminosity described by its great philosopher Patañjali as being ‘like a clear jewel.’ “– Christopher Key Chapple Living with freedom, happiness, and consciousness (the basis of fundamental peace) in all walks of life […]

The “Yoga” path to freedom, consciousness, and happiness.

“Yoga means union. It shows us how to unite all our life-forces by directing them inward. The goal is happiness and happiness lies within”. – Swami Vishnudevananda So many people on this planet suffer from unhappiness, stress, anger, fear, tension, frustration, hate, jealousy, superiority, or inferiority complex. These emotions rot in them like bad apples, […]