From Separation to Reconnection. Happytalism.


In 1997, right after their civil war, I came to Bosnia and Herzegovina as an International Observer with the OSCE/UN. Back then, I was a recent master’s graduate in Peace Studies with a newly written thesis about the need for the ‘Fulfillment of Our Identity to Solve Conflicts”. So, there I was, at the core […]

The path towards a happy brain

In this time for sharing, we wanted to share with you the best tools for a happy brain. A compilation of some of the best experts on Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology that will help you become the best version of yourself. Enjoy! Make peace with your inner mammal by Loretta Breuning The research […]

Healthcare Improvement through Happiness

Healthcare already works for the betterment of humankind; its goal is to improve and extend the lives of all humans. However, the problem in healthcare today lies significantly in the way it uses the resources it has available. Both the amount of resources and how they are used is essential. The 2019 Global Happiness and […]

Well-Being Interventions Improve Societies

People place considerable emphasis on the feeling of happiness, and it can thus serve as a significant motive for decisions in education, travel, recreation, profession, health, and charity. This impulse we all have that makes us seek a happier and more rewarding life echoes in the role of government. Many of the areas of life […]

Adopting a Well-Being Approach in Central Government – Policy Mechanisms and Practical Tools

Leaders need to be honest in their efforts; they honestly have to care for improving the people’s well-being. However, that’s not all. Any national government that attempts to move from simple well-being measurements to actual policy applications that will deal with increasing well-being will face many challenges. Many initiatives in the 2019 Global Happiness and […]