How Happiness Impacts Health

Being happier can boost your immune system. Happiness can also help in the reduction of stress levels, and help protect your heart by reducing blood pressure. Many don’t even consider that happiness can influence their health, but the reality is much different, and science is starting to prove it. We are going to show you […]

In the name of Happiness

In the name of Happiness

The Science of Happiness & Well-being Philosophers have been pondering about happiness since ancient times. When asked, ‘what is the ultimate purpose of human existence?’, Aristotle implied that purpose is what he argued to be happiness: eudaimonia, a human flourishing. It’s not an end state but a process of realizing your true nature and developing […]

Healthcare Improvement through Happiness

Healthcare already works for the betterment of humankind; its goal is to improve and extend the lives of all humans. However, the problem in healthcare today lies significantly in the way it uses the resources it has available. Both the amount of resources and how they are used is essential. The 2019 Global Happiness and […]

Helping Girls Navigate their Evolution

Girls Evolution

According to the United Nations’ findings, worldwide, nearly one in four girls aged 15-19 years is neither employed nor in education or training. Because one in ten boys of the same age is in the same situation, these numbers are alarming. A United Nations report also shows that around 435 million women and girls live […]

The Importance of Reconnection for Girls

Reconnection and Girls

“To love your authentic self is to surrender to this idea that who you are is already whole and complete.” The reconnection to oneself is a vital part of mental health and well-being. But first, let me explain what reconnection is. Reconnection is the process of getting out of the negative feeling of disconnection from […]

The Importance of Mental Health in Women’s Sports

Mental Health, Women, Sports

The benefits of sports for people are well-known. For girls, sports is an activity that can teach them commitment, how to concentrate under stress, how to relax, set and achieve goals, respect others, accept responsibility and failure, and how to be both gracious winners and losers. Extensive research has shown that physical activity and sport […]

Mental Health and Girls

Girls and Mental Health

With mental health being a hot topic in today’s society, mental illness is now more openly discussed than ever before. This increased awareness has brought with it an increase in mental health stigma and discrimination. Although mental health issues are not something to be ashamed of, these challenges are often seen as a sign of […]