Time as a Path to World Happiness

Time Banking

Whether you are a marketing manager or a gardener, or any other title with which you define yourself, time passes the same way for everyone, acting as an equalizer. And if Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi was right, if we truly want to be happy, we should focus on how we spend our time rather than on the […]

Why focus on Contemplative Sciences now

Contemplative Sciences

Contemplative science is interdisciplinary and aims to clarify such mind/brain/body changes across cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and perceptual domains. These focus on relating such changes to neurobiology and first-person experience. Over the past 2500 years, mindfulness practices have been slowly moving from Northern India across most of Asia and finally reaching Western science and culture at […]

Reaching Exponential Happiness, for all.

A new book, in English and Spanish, that explores the seeds and interconnections to exponential happiness and wellbeing. How can we bridge scarcity and abundance, belonging and loneliness, rich and poor, fulfilled and unfulfilled individuals and societies? The solution to this conundrum resides deep inside each individual through both our dynamic and fluctuating conditions. As […]