Technologies for Human Flourishing

World Happiness Week

March 21st , 2022

Day five

Transformative Technology

Technology is evolving at exponential rates. From AI to robotics, biotechnology and more, these innovations provide very real potential for conscious evolution and human flourishing. In order to embrace these technologies in a way that supports a happier and healthier future we must understand what these technologies are, and how we can best utilize them. On this day we connect participants with experts, researchers, developers and engineers working on the latest and greatest transformative technology.

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The what, why and how of transformative technologies


March 21st, 2022

9:30 am – 2:30 pm EST

What is Transformative Technology?

Is hardware & software-based tools designed to enhance psychological, cognitive, and physical capabilities.

Building The Future

The front end of innovation has been a mysterious art form. We depend on human creativity to dream up creative ideas, and empathy to identify problems.

Designing Tech for Enhanced Well-Being

Technology and mental well-being seem two opposite- directing terms, but you can control over technology to use it for your well-being purposes.

Digital Transformation Trends

Digital tools that can help to achieve mindfulness, make meditation as your regular habit, and improve your overall health.

Innovation will Benefit Humanity

Every year humanity improves global conditions in the categories of environment, education, health and economic development through tech.

The Future is Better than you Think

Prepare you mind for what’s coming and find out how to integrate the new tech to enriches. We will talk with experts, engineers and developers in transformative technologies.


Join us. Share your super-power.

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