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The World Happiness Academy is our learning and transformation center, designed to equip you, your organization, your school, and your community with tools, experiences, and educational resources that will reinforce your ability to create meaningful Happiness Initiatives.

Gain access to training, interviews, certificates, and sessions with top practitioners. 

We create unique learning experiences, learning heart to heart

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Our Academy Encompasses:

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Our Certificates & Teacher Trainings

Chief Happiness Practitioner
(CHP) Certificate

This is a 6-week online certification program designed for coaches, trainers, HR professionals, business leaders and educators looking for practical tools and resources to support you in crafting and delivering your own research-backed wellness initiatives.

Chief Well-Being Officer (CWO) Certificate

Become a Certified Chief Well-Being Officer while studying with world-leading Practitioners. If you are looking to positively transform your life and the lives of others, then this ground-breaking certification program is for you.

Certificate in Happiness Studies

100% Online Educational Program By Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. The Certificate in Happiness Studies is a comprehensive year-long online academic course. Enroll today and get immediate access to weekly webinars with Tal.

Organizational Happiness: Walking
The Talk

This certification course will enable you, as a leader to understand the science of happiness and how it applies to organizations. You will learn how to measure the benefits of organizational happiness using 3 pillars to effectively change your company culture. You will build your personal happiness plan and define first steps towards implementing this within your organization.

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and Workshops

Some of Our Courses

Fundamentals of Mindfulness Meditation

This incredible program will teach you the fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation, helping you to establish a daily practice. The program includes 13 videos, 4 guided meditations and discussion forums. It also includes biweekly, one hour live conference calls with the instructor to practice meditation and to answer all your questions.

The Future of Happiness at

This is a unique program, with 20 hours of insights from leading experts @Work and in Life. Get ready to be transformed. How you live, work and lead will never be the same again.
One of the most beautiful university campuses on Earth
One of the most beautiful university campuses on EarthCarine Bouery/ Cynchro, Founder and Managing Director/ United Arab Emirates
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The Gross Global Happiness Summit is one of the few platforms out there that offers an opportunity for coaches, trainers and experts in the happiness field to come together and co-create high quality and innovative programs that tackle the challenges of the 21st century, especially around anxiety and stress management, and all done in an intimate and natural setting of one of the most beautiful university campuses on Earth”
Gross Global Happiness is just non-replicable
Gross Global Happiness is just non-replicableVíctor Rojas/ Vmware Program Specialist, Employee Referral Program/ Costa Rica
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“Mixing years of knowledge, studies, analysis, and investigations on Happiness, shared by multiple presenters and participants from different parts of the world, brings the richness of diversity and multiculturality that you can only experience in a non-replicable event like the Gross Global Happiness.”
Year-long connections with participants
Year-long connections with participantsArt Sherwood/ Western Washington University, Professor, Director-Academic Programs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation/ United States
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“For me, GGH has been a high return investment for both my business, teaching, and research. Having attended both 2019 and 2020, I can see the accelerating value coming from engaging in Costa Rica as well as the year-long connections with participants. I find that my depth and breadth of understanding to be highly significant in strengthening my professional work and professional life. Highly recommended.”
Makes you want to be a changemaker
Makes you want to be a changemakerLiliana Núñez/ General Manager Qué y Cómo, A.C./Mexico
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“This is an experience that makes you evaluate the important things in your life and makes you want to be a changemaker to contribute to global human happiness.”

Our Summits

Power of Belonging Summit

60+ workshops streaming from 50+ cities worldwide, keynote speakers, networking & expo. All designed to explore the power of belonging and how it can help us to thrive.

Gross Global Happiness Summit

Join us for our annual 3-day Executive Education Event. Bringing together senior executives, coaches, educators, and experts within the Happiness and Well-Being space to co-create high quality and innovative programs to tackle some of the largest challenges facing the world today. All of this is done in an intimate and natural setting at one of the most beautiful University campuses on earth.

Annual World Happiness Fest Week

Join us in 80 cities around the world &/or online during The World Happiness Week for 100’s of workshops, networking events, musical performances, parties & keynotes by well-being experts & influencers.

Build your capabilities and learn alongside happiness and well-being practitioners.

All journeys start with a first step

Global Expeditions


We invite you to join us for the adventure of a lifetime. Our 10 day journey will take us from the bustling city of New Delhi to the magical and surreal ghats of Varanasi. We will boat down the Ganges river, make our way to the french colony of Pondicherry, exploring temples and spending time in Auroville, an ecological and conscious community described as a “project in human unity.” Together, throughout this voyage we will explore the question, “what is the true meaning of “living consciously?”


On this unique 8-day legacy building retreat nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Buddhist monks, astrologists, farmers, teachers, government officials, activists and intellectuals will share their perspectives with us on how to build societies willing to act as catalysts for change and transformation. Together, we will realize who we are in Bhutan, and redefine our goals, becoming more conscious and whole-beings.

Our Signature events

World Happiness Week


Webinars & Workshops

Join our upcoming World Happiness Week, March 15th - 24th, 2024

This forum will welcome 60+ workshops live-streamed from 50 cities around the world, +100 keynote speakers, experiential activities, and boundless opportunities to make meaningful connections

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