World Happiness Fest Presents:

The World Happiness Week,
March 17th - 26th, 2023

Join us in realizing the future of happiness

2023 World Happiness Week

The World Happiness Fest is thrilled to present our annual 9 day Happiness Celebration taking place from March 17th – 26th. This series of events is the most diverse, and polycentric global happiness forum, reaching over 10M people in 2021 in over 76 countries. The World Happiness Week unites the leading happiness and well-being experts from the fields of education, business, science, art, technology, music, and policy. Throughout the week we have a series of events happening both digitally and, whenever possible in-person. From our Central Stage in Spain, to our online Digital Summit, Global Agoras taking place in 80 cities around the world, and our Conscious Kids Fest, this week brings the world together to celebrate happiness and well-being as new paradigms for human progress.

Global Agoras

An agora is an ancient Greek term for a place of public meeting

During World Happiness Week 2023 we will have more than 80 agoras in more than 40 countries of everyone! Every agora will organize different activities related to the improvement of happiness and well-being on the planet.

Discover what is happening in your city both in person and online!

Conscious Kids Fest

Join us for a day of mindful and joyful family fun!
Your kids will have a lot of fun while learning valuable life skills from the best care and wellness professionals. Enjoy yoga and kid-friendly activities, plus live music, DJs, artists, face painting, art, games, and delicious, healthy food.

Central Stage

Do you want to feel the energy of more than 5000 people and more than 180 wellness experts celebrating happiness?
If so, join us on our Central Stage in Zaragoza for 4 days
our Central Stage in Miami for 3 days.

Throughout the days we will focus on different topics including: happiness at work, in education, in politics, in health, in technology, for the planet and for our children. We will learn together, dance together, and co-create the future of happiness. Think of the festival vibes! There will be workshops, seminars, live music, DJs, delicious food, mindful vendors, and countless opportunities to make lifelong friends. 

“Learn and be inspired by more than 180 world-class experts”

Digital Summit

International Happiness Week is the largest and most accessible happiness and well-being event on the planet!
Join us for our FREE Summit 2022 and learn how!

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"There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

The World Happiness Week 2022 Digital Metrics

The World Happiness Week, is the largest happiness initiative taking place in 2020. Prior to Covid-19, we also planed to have 80 cities globally hosting, all of whom transitioned to online events!

The Facts

World Happiness Week 2021

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Equivalent Adevertising Value
+ 0 ,000
+ 0 ,000
Virtual Atendees
+ 0 ,400
In-Person Atendees
+ 0
Participating Countries
+ 0 ,9 M
+ 0 ,000M
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