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Join a community based on mutual support, in which time is the currency

Expand your support line by trading time

Get your time's worth

A TimeBank is an exchange platform that allows people to organize their time around a purpose and use it as currency.

Theoretically, you can trade a service for any other offered within the community. Also, exchanging time promotes self-growth and gives value to the time spent on working towards a reward -with the bonus of doing it in a fun, casual, no pressure way- so people achieve their goals and bring out the best in themselves.

Carry transactions with social capital

TimeBanks are based
on 5 fundamental ideals:

We all have something to give

We all have something to give

We all have something to give

We all have something to give

We all have something to give

“People get joy and strength by being able to help others and, while doing it, they increase their confidence and self esteem”

Luis Gallardo

Be valued and appreciated within a large community

Pay for a service with an innovating economical method

Acknowledge the value of your time and effort

Help a community with purpose and fulfillment

Exchange knowledge and essential work

Promote trust with acts of kindness

Achieve equality in opportunities within a social market

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How to give your first steps in the TimeBank?

Follow these simple steps:

Click Join to create a new member account and get a notification email.

After confirming your email address, click the link you were sent. The server will accept your membership and you will have access to the TimeBank as a member.


  • Finish setting up your profile
  • Get oriented (check your TimeBank’s calendar)
  • Log In to your TimeBank and publish some abilities, talents or services you can offer to other members.
  • Post some applications for services or abilities you are looking for.
  • Register any exchange you’ve made with other TimeBank members.
  • Don’t hesitate to answer any offer or application. That is exactly how you can create new exchanges and networks that strengthen our community.
  • Timely answer any call or email you get from the offers you publish.
  • After reaching out with another member and agreeing to an exchange, make the necessary arrangements (date and time) to carry it out.
  • Go ahead with the exchange and keep record of it in your hour count.
  • Go back and check the offers and applications of other members.


Repeat the process over and over again to keep the community alive and flourishing.

Happy exchange!

TimeBanking can have a positive impact on your life

A 6 month study with different participants showed that:

85% reported a growth in their social network


80% felt more active within their community


74% made
new friends


74% experienced an improvement in their mood


69% felt like they could get more help


66% experienced a reduction in loneliness


60% said it improved their life quality and health

Share your knowledge and abilities paying with time

There are hundreds of applications waiting for you!

Time as a Path to World Happiness


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