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Our 12 Award Categories + 1 Special focused on COVID19

World Happiness Awards

The World Happiness Awards celebrate and elevate the people and communities making this planet a better place for all.

In collaboration with the United Nations University for Peace along with 300+ international thought leaders, corporate, government, research, and educational institutions these awards situate happiness and well-being as essential components of global innovation.

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12 Categories to celebrate human flourishing


Health and happiness are two sides of the same coin. We recognize institutions and individuals in the health sector making a major impact, creating unique conditions for happiness and well-being within their organization or communities.
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From the implementation of socio-emotional curriculums to the creation of new programs aimed at the promotion of positive education. We recognize institutions and individuals disrupting the education sector to bring increased happiness and well-being to learners.
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Social Impact

When we create opportunities for underserved communities we are contributing to sustainable and healthy societies. We are looking for social good entrepreneurs and institutions that know what it takes to bring kindness, compassion, hope, and abundance to societies worldwide.
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We want to recognize leaders within institutions and organizations that are creating conditions for employees and staff to feel good at work. Happiness is not a KPI, it is an essential state of mind and we want to acknowledge the people that are helping others flourish at work.
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Exponential and Transformative Technologies are shaping the way we experience the world and ourselves. We need to design tech that enhances our well-being and we want to recognize the individuals and institutions working on inventions that enhance happiness and balance morality and ethics within their creations.
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Policy Making

Systemic change happens through Public Policy as it can determine social happiness and well-being for long periods of time. There are incredible public policy developments happening at all levels of governance and we want to say thank you.
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We refer to Arts as any artistic expression that brings happiness, joy, and energy to communities and societies. From performances to architecture, music, dance, theater, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, the list is endless. We welcome any creation that sparks dreams, imagination and community building.
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We love Happiness Research! Thanks to modern science we are able to bring validated tools, techniques, and resources to help people thrive, rather than just survive. We know how much effort and time goes into research studies and we want to award that hard and Incredibly important work.
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We want to encourage the design and development of cities and environments nature and human-centric. Spaces that integrate nature and sustainable development as part of their strategy. If we want to flourish those spaces have to help to build communities and to encourage economies of well-being.
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We need communications and news that bring positivity and hope to our lives. There is good news happening most of the time around the world, but it looks like we are inundated by the opposite. We want to award institutions and individuals that are able to inform while creating conditions to go beyond fear and anger.
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The World Happiness Catalyst Award is for individuals that go above and beyond to bring freedom, consciousness, and happiness to the world. Thanks to these game-changers, every day is a new opportunity to make a positive difference. Discovery, Connection, Gratitude, and Compassion are a major part of their values.
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The World Happiness Community Award recognizes an institution, organization or group of individuals making a profoundly positive impact in their community. Nominate a community.
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Special recognition to the individual or community that works towards a creative solution to stop the rise of the covid-19 and/or creates the conditions for a harmonic way to live life under the virus impact.
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Along with our 12 categories, we also allow our partners to create their own categories if they have a particular area of interest. An example of this is our COVID-19 - One World Award Sponsored by The Guardian Group

Customized Award Categories

This Award recognizes 1 individual and 1 community that is working toward a creative solution to stop the rise of Covid-19 and/or is promoting ways to live harmoniously amidst these trying times.

Laureates, Individual and Community

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The objective of the World Happiness Awards is to recognize individuals and communities realizing a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness, for all. There are 12 categories and each of them recognizes both individuals and communities. Anyone from anywhere can nominate an individual or community. To be nominated at least one nomination form has to be submitted on the World Happiness Awards website. The nominees will have recognition by the World Happiness Fest, highlighting and showcasing the individual or community on the World Happiness Awards website and the World Happiness Fest communications channels. There will be a special recognition to those nominated individuals and communities that have a higher number of “I love it” or “votes” and comments on the World Happiness Awards website. Special recognition will be granted to individuals and communities that showcase “broad and/or deep outreach” and “positive impact” within the potential boundaries of their communities of influence, i.e. cities, companies, countries, hospitals, schools, etc. And that showcase at the same time the core values of Compassion, Gratitude, Discovery, and Connection embedded in their projects and activities. Those individuals and communities with a “Special Recognition” will be granted a Scholarship by the World Happiness Fest for all learning fees, to attend ALL events LIVE and ONLINE organized around the world for a 12 months period, including the program organized at the United Nations University for Peace on Gross Global Happiness, they will be granted with a Special Recognition badge and certificate. The Special Recognition will be granted to all different categories by the board of the World Happiness Fest and the World Happiness Awards “Special Recognition” committee four times per year, on March 20th, June 20th, September 20th and December 20th, every year.


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