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Infographics World Happiness Fest Miami

This infographic provides an in-depth look at the results of a survey conducted at the World Happiness Fest in Miami, Florida in March 2023. The survey included players aged between 18-85 who attended the festival, as well as children aged 8-14 from 7 different countries around the globe.

The survey aimed to explore the happiness levels and experiences of the festival participants, who were predominantly from the USA and Latin America. To enable comparison, Brazil and the US have been included in the survey results.

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The survey covered a wide range of topics, including happiness levels, factors contributing to happiness, stress levels, and overall well-being. The participants were also asked about their engagement in various activities, such as sports, meditation, and social activities.

The survey results provide a fascinating insight into the happiness levels of festival attendees, with many interesting trends and patterns emerging. For example, the survey found that social connection and community engagement were key factors contributing to happiness for many participants. The survey also highlighted the importance of physical activity and mental health practices, such as meditation and mindfulness, in promoting happiness and well-being.

Overall, this infographic offers a comprehensive and illuminating look at the happiness levels and experiences of festival participants, providing valuable insights into the factors that contribute to happiness and well-being.

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