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At the core of this community is the belief that there are three components to an extraordinary interaction - which is exactly what we hope you will experience here

Open-heartedness and expressed vulnerability.

Being received with warmth, acceptance, and non-judgment.

Expressed appreciation of the other’s impact.

Through our online social platform, The World HappinessXChange, our Global Agoras, and community partners. We look forward to collaborating and connecting with you!

India - Auroville

An adventure of a liftime
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We look forward to collaborating and connecting with you!

Global Agoras
An Agora is a World Happiness Foundation “Chapter.” We have +80 Agoras on every continent around the world, hosting events throughout the year.

A knowledge and experience sharing platform with live-chat & video call features the HappinessXChange allows leaders, researchers, educators, and activists to connect around topics of interest. 



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