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Patronage and Board members

Luis Gallardo

Founder & President

Luis is a social innovator and entrepreneur with the higher purpose of elevating the vibration of the planet by developing ideas, connecting thought leaders, activists and communities and increasing awareness on the science of happiness, holistic education and smart innovation. For Luis Happiness is a human right and a life choice, an enabler of human development and social innovation.

Satinder Singh Rekhi

Founding Board Member

Rekhi is a champion in teaching and spreading Happiness and Well- Being and strongly believes in a simple motto – Happy People Are More Successful. In fact, Mr. Rekhi is known for partnering with premier educational institutions by partnering with them in preaching the Science of Happiness, where the primary objective is to teach  the importance of happiness – to enable them to be happier, and in turn be more successful.

Philip Kotler

Advisory Board Member

He has been honored as one of the world’s leading marketing thinkers.  He received his M.A. degree in economics (1953) from the University of Chicago and his Ph.D. degree in economics (1956) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), and has received honorary degrees from 22 universities including Stockholm University, the University of Zurich, Athens University of Economics and Business, Budapest School of Economics and Administrative Science, the Kracow School of Business and Economics, and DePaul University. 

Zahra Karsan

Advisory Board Member

Certified in Mindset Coaching, Positive Psychology  and Neuroscience, Zahra is a trusted Success Coach to dozens of global executives and a Public Speaker.   She is the best selling author of How Do You TAKE YOUR HAPPY? and is the creator of the REWIRE System, a groundbreaking methodology that retrains your brain for greater happiness and success.  Her company, GetZEND, offers a suite of products that include online video training and the award winning GetZENd App to help you stay on track with your goals.

Thakur S. Powdyel

Advisory Board Member

Former Minister of Education in Bhutan. Thakur S Powdyel is an educator by choice, conviction and passion. His abiding interests include, inter alia, education as the noble sector, institutional integrity, national self-respect, gross national happiness, environment and sustainable development. My Green School: An Outline reflects his vision of holistic education as an instrument for human and societal flourishing, and is translated into several languages worldwide.

Saamdu Chetri

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Saamdu played a great role in consolidating the Swiss development support program in Bhutan, balancing both hardware (constructing aesthetically based training institute, colleges, hospital, research centres) and software programs (Human Resource and Training). As well expanding several programs to the national level in Education, Renewable Natural Resources, Rural Infrastructure.

Valerie Freilich

Advisory Board Member

She served the Professional services industry in the USA and France at Organizations and professionals (from manager to executives), to develop their leadership capacity and transform their culture to succeed in challenging complex environments. She serves as an Executive coach, an organization development consultant, and a training specialist in leadership skills. She value awareness as a stepping stone for transformation and use practical tools and skills to capture realities and develop capacities for better impact and performance.

Manas Mandal

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Manas K Mandal is a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, IISC, Bangalore. He was formerly a Distinguished Scientist and Director-General - Life sciences in DRDO, India.  He holds a Ph.D. degree in psychology from Calcutta University, India; completed his post-doctoral research as Fulbright Fellow, USA, & a NSERC Fellow, Canada. As a visiting faculty, Dr. Mandal completed his tenure at Harvard University, USA; Kyushu University, Japan; & Aachen University, Germany.

Raj Raghunathan

Advisory Board Member

Raj Raghunathan is the Zale Centennial Professor of Business at the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. He is interested in exploring how people’s judgments and decisions impact their happiness and fulfillment. Raj’s work has appeared in both scientific journals like The Journal of Consumer Research, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes and The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and in mass media outlets like The Atlantic, The New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Inc, and Fast Company.

Aneel Chima

Advisory Board Member

Aneel Chima, PhD, is director of the Division of Health and Human Performance and of the Stanford Flourishing Project. His teaching and research aims to answer the questions, "What does it mean to flourish as human beings in an age of hyper-complexity?" and "What is the future of human flourishing as cultural and life rhythms increasingly accelerate?" He is co-founder and managing partner of AT THE CORE, a consulting boutique specializing in facilitating transformative change through enhancing the emotional, social, and neurophysiological drivers of team and leadership thriving.

Vandana Shiva

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Vandana Shiva is trained as a Physicist and did her Ph.D. on the subject “Hidden Variables and Non-locality in Quantum Theory” at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. She later shifted to inter-disciplinary research in science, technology and environmental policy, which she carried out at the Indian Institute of Science and the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore, India. In 1982, she left to set up her Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy in her home town of Dehra Dun in the foothills of the Himalaya.

Paul Atkins

Advisory Board Member

He is a Visiting Associate Professor with the Crawford School of Public Policy (Australian National University) where he teaches leadership and organisational behaviour. His research has focused on the interventions to reduce stress while enhancing relationships, wellbeing, perspective taking and cooperation in groups and organisations. Paul is a registered organisational psychologist with a PhD in Psychology from Cambridge University.

Rosalinda Ballesteros

Advisory Board Member

“In 2012, we started looking at a new educational model. We asked what was most important to students, parents and employers, and what they wanted in their lives. The answer was to be happy, to have happy kids or happy employees. We thought as a university we should approach the topic in a very serious way,” shares Rosalinda Ballesteros Valdes, Vice President of High School Programs for Universidad TecMilenio. After one phone call from the Provost to Martin Seligman, MAPP’s Education Director James Pawelski was soon on a plane to Monterrey to consult with her team.

Berry Liberman

Advisory Board Member

Berry Liberman is the co-founder and Creative Director of Small Giants, the Publisher and Editor of Dumbo Feather magazine and a mum to the three cutest kids in the world. Small Giants was founded in 2007 to create, support, nurture and empower businesses that are contributing to the world in a meaningful way. Dumbo Feather is a labour of love. Designed, edited and printed in Melbourne, Australia, it is a quarterly journal highlighting the stories of extraordinary people, living lives of passion and commitment to changing the world we live in.

Daniel Almagor

Advisory Board Member

Daniel Almagor is CEO of Small Giants, a company he started with his wife, Berry Liberman, to effect social and environmental change through business, and Australia's first B Corporation. He is also the founding Chairman of the Impact Investment Group, a finance vehicle for B corporations and other like minded businesses. He was the inaugural Social Entrepreneur in Residence at RMIT, the founder and former CEO of Engineers Without Borders Australia, Chairperson of Jewish Aid Australia and on the wisdom council for Hub Melbourne.

Mohit Mukherjee

Advisory Board Member

Mohit is the founding Director of Centre for Executive Education. He has also served as Vice President of Programs for Watson U, the first incubator leading to a degree for next generation social entrepreneurs. Prior to these positions, Mohit Mukherjee served as Education Program Manager of the Earth Charter Initiative, a global movement of organizations and individuals promoting sustainable development.

Loretta Breuning

Advisory Board Member

Founder of the Inner Mammal Institute and Professor Emerita of Management at California State University, East Bay. She is the author of many personal development books, including Habits of a Happy Brain: Retrain Your Brain to Boost Your Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin and Endorphin Levels. As a teacher and a parent, she was not convinced by prevailing theories of human motivation. Then she learned about the brain chemistry we share with earlier mammals and everything made sense.

Mavis Tsai

Advisory Board Member

Is a clinical psychologist and senior research scientist at the University of Washington’s Center for Science of Social Connection. She is the co-creator of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP), a treatment that harnesses the power of the therapeutic relationship to transform clients’ lives. She is a recipient of Washington State Psychological Association’s Distinguished Psychologist Award in recognition of significant contributions to the field of psychology, and is a Fellow of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science.

Tia Kansara

Advisory Board Member


A multi-award-winning entrepreneur and economist. The youngest to ever receive the Royal Institute British Architects honorary fellowship, she is the co-founder of Kansara Hackney Ltd, the first ISO-certified sustainable lifestyle consultancy, and CEO of Replenish Earth Ltd, a cause and a collective action to protect the global commons. 

Hailed amongst the Top 100 most influential leaders in Tech by the Financial Times and Inclusive Boards, her clients include Coca Cola, Bloomberg, the European Commission, Forbes, Formula One, MIT, and Siemens.

Nichol Bradford

Advisory Board Member

Nichol Bradford is fascinated by human potential, and has always been interested in how technology can help individuals expand beyond their perceived limits to develop and transform themselves to the highest level. She spent the last decade exploring these ideas in the online game industry, serving as a senior executive with responsibility for strategy, operations and marketing for major brands that include: Activision Blizzard, Disney, and Vivendi. Now, as the CEO of the Willow Group, Nichol is applying those same skills to the realm of elevating psychological well-being.

To reach our goal of #10billionhappyby2050 we have estimated that 25 million changemakers, including educators, health professionals, business leaders and government officials must positively impact 400 people each in their lifetime. It is 2020 now. We have 30 years to achieve our goal.

We can do it

Our Theory of Change

Luis Gallardo

Founder and President

"On our pathway to fundamental peace: Freedom, consciousness and happiness become the key pillars of our evolution.”

The most comprehensive global platform that hosts and amplifies the leaders, institutions, and initiatives committed to realizing a world where all people are free, conscious and happy.

Our Goals by Segment

All we need is 1% of the population to join us in our mission. Are you in?

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Health Professionals
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Business & Government Leaders 

Together we are realizing the future of happiness, now

To achieve this we:

Build the capabilities of individuals, communities, organizations, and governments to help accelerate progress toward enhancing happiness and well-being for all people. We do this through offering a robust toolkit of training programs, transformational experiences, policy forums, round tables, community-building initiatives, and educational resources.
Provide you with access to the latest innovations, initiatives, policies, experiences, research, technology, and tools that are positively changing the way we feel, understand, and act. We do this through our Observatory, Fest events and Awards. We hope you will explore and take advantage of these dimensions of the Foundation.

Our 2020-2021 Goals

Provide you with access to the latest innovations, initiatives, policies, experiences, research, technology, and tools that are positively changing the way we feel, understand, and act.

To advocate for and equip purpose driven organizations with the resources to create workplace happiness culture and well-being.

To champion the integration of new Happiness Curriculums in Educational Institutions.

To advocate for and support Governments in their initiatives to include Gross Global Happiness (GGH) as a measure of societal well-being.

To create a conducive environment for advocacy for Gross Global Happiness.

To build Global awareness of the work of individuals, organizations and institutions in the field of Happiness and Well-Being.

To provide a platform for knowledge and experience sharing in the field of Happiness and Well-Being.

Our Strategic Choices

Focus on capacity building through education, training and mentoring.

Focus on advocacy with government, legislatures and corporations for Gross Global Happiness and the inclusion of Happiness curriculums in education.

Layer multiple interventions and projects in select countries based on overall goals, to maximize impact, optimize resources and build a conducive environment for advocacy.

Pilot Project Happiness in the education sector in select countries, and generate evidence. Advocate for it and scale up in the next phase.

Walk the talk! Introduce happiness and well-being initiatives for the Foundation’s team.

Focus on six components of the Foundation’s ecosystem – Academy, Public Policy, Fest, Awards, Observatory & Community.

High visibility through strategic marketing and partnerships plan with the goal of reaching and impacting 10 billion people.

Why We Must Focus on Happiness, Now!

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela

We are thrilled that you are here and that you want to bé a part of this movement for positive change.

It is clear that the world we live in is not the world any of us want to pass down to our children. There are growing inequalities, pandemics, sectarianism, environmental destruction, unrest, and a lot of unhappiness. However, at the World Happiness Foundation we believe that it is possible for us all to be free, conscious and happy. To do this, we must work together. That is why our entire ecosystem is built as a polycentric, interconnected network of government leaders, policymakers, researchers, educators, business leaders, artists, activists, and changemakers. Collectively we can realize the future of happiness through innovation, learning, cooperation, and the achievement of more effective, equitable, and sustainable societies.

Underpinning everything we do is something we call, bé. Bé represents what we consider to be the “life force energy” that acts as the guiding compass of The Foundation. By life force energy we mean vitality. We draw this concept from similar beliefs found in Eastern traditions, for example, Qi in Ancient Chinese Medicine, or Prana, in the Hindu yogic traditions. We believe that this vibrant “energy” is incredibly important to our existence as a Foundation because it acts as a through-line, holding all aspects of what we accomplish together under one lively spirit. It allows us to observe the changes we make over time and aligns us with our values.

The Foundation’s Underlying Philosophy

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Values matter

When our actions are rooted in our values we become unstoppable forces for good. Those values must allow us to think big, dream bigger, and realize our potential, now. That is why as a Foundation we believe in the following values:


We believe that curiosity leads to discovery and discovery leads to wisdom and innovation. Get curious about your inner and outer worlds, the micro and the macro. Learn from experience, and expand your comfort zone.



On your journey of discovery, it is essential to ground your experience in connection. “I am because you are.” The key here is to bridge your own lived experience with the experiences of others. The suffering and the joy, successes, and failures. Only when working together can we all live happier lives and create thriving communities.



Gratitude is a fundamental component of happiness. We must express gratitude for ourselves, our communities, and the planet. It is through this act of consistent thankfulness that we physically and emotionally experience well-being.



Compassion is the ultimate act of kindness. It is an empathetic embrace of the “other” and a clear act of leadership. The root of transcendental change and growth is compassion, a value needed now, more than ever.

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From our Values to our Goals

10 Billion Free, Conscious and Happy People by 2050



The ability to be yourself



The opportunity to expand and evolve



The lived experience of being well

Help us achieve our goal of 10 billion free conscious and happy people by 2050



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