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Share Happiness to more Communities in the World

All we need is 1% of the population to join us in our mission

Support a World Foundation focused on expanding happiness and well-being that aims to reach #TenBillionHappyPeopleBy205.

We have big dreams, and we cannot achieve them alone. Your generosity is at the heart of our actions. Be part of The World Happiness Movement.

At the World Happiness Foundation, We Build the capabilities of individuals, communities, organizations, and governments to help accelerate positive impacts on people through a toolkit of training programs and transformative experiences.

Help us advance the public policy dialogue towards an economy of happiness and well-being.

Turn your donation into wellness

Your support is turned into actions for the exchange of knowledge in the Happiness field


Encourages the sharing of specialized content and current wellness research.


Supports the impact of the economics of happiness and well-being on government and social policies


Help keep happiness conferences and festivals shared for free around the world.

Your donation helps to put the world in Harmony

The main challenges facing humanity are related to physical and mental health


Economic Systems

Poor welfare in the economy policies directly affect the health of society.



Rates of depression, anxiety and loneliness increased from the onset of quarantine.


Climate Change

Without preventive actions to reduce global warming, the future is not favorable for humanity.

The World Happiness Foundation supports the United Nations Global Compact and sustainable development goals

Supporting and promoting global policy initiatives


More ways to help reach the goal


As a partner you have the power to make a positive impact and offer free programming to advance the mission of a wellness-filled world

Leaders and professionals who support the foundation's transformative actions

Carine Bouery/ Cynchro, Founder and Managing Director/ United Arab Emirates
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The Gross Global Happiness Summit is one of the few platforms out there that offers an opportunity for coaches, trainers and experts in the happiness field to come together and co-create high quality and innovative programs that tackle the challenges of the 21st century, especially around anxiety and stress management, and all done in an intimate and natural setting of one of the most beautiful university campuses on Earth”
Víctor Rojas/ Vmware Program Specialist, Employee Referral Program/ Costa Rica
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“Mixing years of knowledge, studies, analysis, and investigations on Happiness, shared by multiple presenters and participants from different parts of the world, brings the richness of diversity and multiculturality that you can only experience in a non-replicable event like the Gross Global Happiness.”
Art Sherwood/ Western Washington University, Professor, Director-Academic Programs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation/ United States
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“For me, GGH has been a high return investment for both my business, teaching, and research. Having attended both 2019 and 2020, I can see the accelerating value coming from engaging in Costa Rica as well as the year-long connections with participants. I find that my depth and breadth of understanding to be highly significant in strengthening my professional work and professional life. Highly recommended.”
Liliana Núñez/ General Manager Qué y Cómo, A.C./Mexico
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“This is an experience that makes you evaluate the important things in your life and makes you want to be a changemaker to contribute to global human happiness.”


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