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Taking this step means that you are driven by the higher purpose of creating a world with more freedom, consciousness and happiness for all.

Become an Agora Host

What is an Agora?

Noun (in ancient Greece), a public open space used for assemblies and markets. At The World Happiness Foundation we believe in polycentric interconnected systems (meaning that we have chapters worldwide all interconnected through a shared mission). These systems enhance innovation, learning, adaptation, trustworthiness, levels of cooperation of participants, and the achievement of more effective, equitable, and sustainable outcomes on multiple levels. We, therefore, celebrate our Agoras and aim to support you in every way we can in gathering your community together. Agoras can be anything from 9 to 10,000+ personal gatherings for a couple of hours or days and virtual events broadcast to our larger international community through our digital events platform. By hosting an Agora, you become a part of our global network. We invite you to participate in many of our events, including our Summits, Festivals, and World Happiness Week experiences, which have reached 10 million people since 2012!

What is an Agora Host?

You are a change agent. A conscious leader willing to realize a happier world by bringing together a diverse number of people, institutions, influencers, and activists. Your focus is to maximize the power of community by holding space and inviting individuals to share and learn together.


Make sure that you have read and agreed with the Details about becoming an Agora Host. We can clarify and go deeper into all details during our conversation after your complete the form.


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