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Discovery expedition to the Soul of Happiness, in Bhutan

Legacy building


The retreat will give you an insider experience at the GNH Centre and other bodies that measure and apply GNH principles. You will talk about the ways GNH is practiced, discuss the importance of environmental conservation as a pillar of GNH and reveal the critical role of cultural preservation as another pillar of GNH. 



The leader of the expedition is the Founder of bē and President of the World Happiness Foundation, Luis Gallardo. He is partnered with MyBhutan; whose unique position based in Bhutan’s capital city, with deep ties to the local community, allows access that is unparalleled. The retreat will not only be an immersion into the governing body of GNH but will also be a personal experience with locals and their most sacred temples, monasteries, fortresses, and landscapes, and with our inner and outer worlds.

His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck

"Gross National Happiness (GNH) is being able to find the right balance between economic well-being and emotional well-being."

GNH Effects

Bhutan’s leading government policy

This exciting itinerary evokes the extraordinary Last Shangri-La.

Day 1 Thimphu

Day 2 Thimphu

Day 3 Thimphu

Day 4 Dochula & Punakha

Day 5 Phobjikha

Day 6 Phobjikha

Day 7 Thimphu

Day 8 Paro

Day 9 Depart


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We support shapers and change-makers in their positive impact.

His Holiness Khedrup Rinpoche

Since His Holiness Khedrup Rinpoche and Luis Gallardo met in Bhutan back in September 2017, there has been a deep connection in their higher purposes.  They are working together for a world with more happiness and less misery making accesible the wisdom of Buddha and the reflection of his teachings in a modern world. 

I'm Gyambo. The guardian of a Bhutan clean

My focus is to educate and help cleaning Bhutan in four main areas:

1.  Monasteries.

2. Construction sites.

3. Camp Sites.

4. Drivers.

Ecological Resilience is a key dimension of our GNH (Gross National Happiness) and I want to make a positive impact in it. If you believe in me and my work I welcome your support. 

Greener Lyfe Farm
in Bhutan

More than half of the Bhutanese are farmers. Agriculture constitutes a very small part of GDP.

Trying to find a different income than the harvest. This is the challenge that Greener Life is trying to solve.

The way to do it is that our farms are attractive as tourist destinations and centers of innovation and culture.

We plan these favorable changes for our farm in Paro:

  • Improve your infrastructure.
  • Get it to attract the local community.
  • Innovate and develop agricultural techniques that work best in the area.

If we can successfully monetize, we can save the Bhutan farm.


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