Our learning and transformation center, designed to equip you and your community with tools, experiences and resources that will strengthen your ability to create meaningful happiness initiatives.
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Welcome to the events arm of The Foundation. Here you can register for our Global Summits, World Happiness Week events and Webinars.
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Our community spans the globe and unites passionate people, experts, thought leaders, activists, shapers, and game-changers
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10 Million People Reached in 45 Countries

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Working in partnership with the United Nations, institutions, organizations, community leaders, and individuals like you to realize 10 billion free, conscious and happy people by 2050.

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A learning and transformation center, designed to equip you, your organization, your school and your community with tools, experiences and educational resources

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Luis Gallardo

World Happiness Fest 2023

Join the largest forum on happiness and well-being in the world. These activities and sessions will transform your life for the better. World Happiness Fest

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Luis Gallardo


The number of people from marginalized groups and people with disabilities participating in academic opportunities and careers is increasing, and with it, the importance of

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Luis Gallardo


The world is continuing to take steps towards equality, however, being fair and equal is not always so simple. Sometimes, people need different, more personalized

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At the Foundation we have a plethora of community platforms that offer events, live chat forums, and opportunities for meaningful connection

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Global Agoras

An Agora is a World Happiness Foundation “chapter”. We have over 80 Agoras on every continent around the world hosting events throughout the year
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A knowledge and experience sharing platform with live-chat & video call features the HappinessXChange allows leaders, researchers, educators, and activists to connect around topics of interest.
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In the conversation about happiness and well-being there are multiple perspectives and lenses. Our Observatory aggregates these global voices and insights to show you the whole picture, allowing you to decide for yourself how to feel, understand, and act.

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