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Celebrating Silvia Parra’s Art World Happiness Award on World Refugee Day

Silvia Parra - Mandalas for Peace

On this World Refugee Day, we have the pleasure of sharing a remarkable piece of news that underscores the transformative power of art. Silvia Parra, an extraordinary artist, has been honored by the World Happiness Foundation for her outstanding contributions through the projects “Mandalas for Peace” and “SOULARTNOW.” These projects exemplify how art can heal, inspire, and unite people from diverse backgrounds, making Silvia’s work a beacon of hope and joy.

About the World Happiness Awards

The World Happiness Awards, initiated by the World Happiness Fest, are supported by over 300 institutions and thought leaders globally. These awards aim to bring hope, tools, and support to as many people as possible, guided by the vision of #TenBillionHappyby2050. The awards are a tribute to actions, ideas, and initiatives driven by gratitude and compassion, rather than a competition.

Announced quarterly—in June, September, December, and March—the World Happiness Awards recognize individuals and communities striving to create a world characterized by freedom, consciousness, and happiness for all. The awards cover 12 categories, including Art and Culture, Education, Health and Well-being, and Technology and Innovation, each highlighting exceptional contributions towards promoting global happiness.

The Importance of Art in Promoting Well-being

Art is a universal language that transcends barriers, bringing people together. At the World Happiness Foundation, we believe that artistic expression is crucial for emotional healing and cultural integration. Silvia Parra’s “Mandalas for Peace” and “SOULARTNOW” projects embody this belief. Through these initiatives, Silvia has managed to create meditative and collaborative artistic experiences that transform public spaces into vibrant canvases, inspiring and uplifting the spirit.

Supporting Refugees Through Art

Silvia’s projects have provided invaluable support to refugees, offering them a means to express their stories, emotions, and aspirations. Art has the power to heal trauma, build resilience, and foster a sense of belonging. By engaging refugees in creative activities, Silvia helps them rebuild their lives and integrate into new communities with dignity and hope.

New Projects in Miami

We are proud to announce that Silvia is currently developing two murals through the World Happiness Foundation, aimed at bringing joy and connection to the homeless in Miami Beach and a SafeSpace in North Miami. These murals will not only beautify the spaces but also involve the community in a collaborative experience, delivering a message of hope and unity to those who need it most. The “Mandalas for Peace” project will leave a lasting impact, filling participants and spectators with joy.

Silvia Parra’s achievements and the transformative power of art are worth celebrating. Her work demonstrates that art can be a powerful tool for social change, promoting positive values like discipline, respect, collaboration, and sustainability. By integrating artistic expression into community and organizational well-being initiatives, Silvia is helping to create a world where every individual, regardless of their background, can find joy, peace, and happiness.

We invite you to join us in celebrating Silvia Parra’s accomplishments and the incredible contributions of artists like her who make our world a more compassionate and beautiful place. For more information on the World Happiness Awards and their categories, visit the World Happiness Awards page.

Let’s spread the word and celebrate the transformative power of art.

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