Rudolph Steiner – The Wisdom of the Being

The system of education we have today is filled with flaws, and it’s about time we did something to create a positive change, no matter how small or large. We need to do everything we can to create a better system for our children and all the youth of the world of tomorrow.

We want to make the people across the globe happy, and we need to do it from an early age. The problem with mainstream education today is that it doesn’t consider happiness, and it doesn’t recognize the child’s spiritual, moral, and creative side.

There are plenty of systems that want to change this, but Rudolf Steiner is the one who envisioned a unique system that genuinely incorporates the entire being, almost a full century ago. His view was that we need to educate the child’s will and feelings as much as we teach their intellect. As he once said: “It is not possible to educate the will and the healthy soul that underlies it unless we develop insights that awaken energetic impulses in the soul and will.”

Out of his ideas, the Waldorf schools were born, and today, there are more than 1000 of these individual schools all across the globe.

Rudolf Steiner’s View on Education

Steiner was a prominent Austrian philosopher who gained broader recognition in the early 19th century. He was many things and studied a lot of movements, funding some of his own as well.

His esoteric spiritual movement – anthroposophy is still prominent today, especially in the Waldorf schools, but also in other areas of human interest.

Anthroposophy sees a person as a whole person, not just the individual parts. Steiner transferred this belief into his lectures on education out of which the Waldorf schools were born. These schools focus on the whole being of the child, not just their aspects.

Such an approach makes the children much happier, and more willing to learn and improve. The method is based on creating a balance of intellectual, practical, and artistic learning. That allows each child in these schools to fully express themselves and thus improve and advance ultimately.

This type of approach to teaching and education seems much better, as you can see. Statistics also support the success of this system. Compared to 60% of happy students in mainstream schools, there are 85% in Waldorf schools.

You can learn a lot about his system of education in his book The Education of the Child: And Early Lectures on Education or The Child’s Changing Consciousness: As the Basis of Pedagogical Practice.

That goes to show that Waldorf schools are much better, there are other systems. That’s why there are other approaches as well. Furthermore, that’s also why we need to work together to create an ideal system that will bring these numbers to 100%. We want all of our children to be happy, and we can get there in time. We only need to work on it.

At the World Happiness Fest, that’s happening in March; we want to discuss that. The future of education will be one of the five main topics that will be reviewed for five days, and tens of thousands of people and more than 200 futurist experts are expected to participate all across the world in the most prominent virtual agora.

Our purpose is to create a better world, and you can help us in building a truly happy planet by joining us!


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