Governance - Public Policy

World Happiness Week

March 22nd , 2022

Day six

Public Policy and Economy

The goal of this day is to unite government leaders from around the world in a discussion surrounding global issues as well as challenges faced by individual countries, regions and cities. By sharing perspectives, policies, successful solutions, best practices and future goals we aim to collectively create new paradigms for human progress, based on happiness and well-being, that support the United Nations resolutions.

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A final day to sharing perspectives, police and successful solutions.


March 22nd, 2022

9:30 am – 1:30 pm EST

Political Responsibility and Public Policies

Change can occur if the public policy supports it. The last day participants gather around to debate global problems and the challenges that each country faces.

Power Sharing

Political leaders share their policies, perspectives, goals, and solutions, to human progress. The United Nations resolutions are at the core of this day (as they are in all the others), and happiness and well-being are the focus.

All on board towards Economies of Happiness & Well-being

Day 6 brings together great political minds to achieve true happiness, the world’s policymakers must be on board.

Practical Solutions shared from the World

On Day 6, the speakers and participants will enjoy a discussion on what can be done make everyone happy, no matter where they are.

Co-creating new paradigms for human progress

We need to work to create the necessary change. Growing inequalities lost diversity, pandemics, and climate change are challenges facing humanity.

Happytalism emerges as new genus and paradigm

All of these crises are interconnected and we cannot confront them in isolation.


Join us. Share your super-power.

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What is the Impact of The Economics of Happiness and Well-being in Government Policy?

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