Unlocking the Power of Belonging

When we unlock the power of belonging, we reach the ultimate form of freedom – freedom from having to change to be accepted and being appreciated and respected for being just who we are. Just by looking around yourself, it’s impossible not to notice the importance of social interactions and belonging to human society. From […]

The Dalai Lama – Compassion as the Enabler

The Dalai Lama – we all know him and would love to learn from him. At least that’s something that all of us interested in world happiness can say. To be genuinely compassionate, happy, and a leader who will impart this knowledge and traits onto others, you need to learn from the greatest scholars and […]

How do we live in alignment with our purpose?

All universe is energy in motion. Your life energy and your physical body are forms of energy. How do you relate to it? The entire universe and everything in creation is energy that vibrates at different frequencies. In every living being, energy flows through the body in meridians (energy pathways) and in chakras (energy centers), […]

Carl Jung – The Power of Unconsciousness

Everyone at all interested in psychology has heard of Carl Jung – that’s how widely influential his teachings and views are. Modern psychology can hardly exist without Carl Jung. But have you heard about his teachings on the unconscious mind? His concept of collective unconsciousness and its power? If you haven’t, you are in the […]

The Art of Peace vs. The Art of War

Whenever you have to choose, listen to your heart. The Art of War is a work written more than 2,000 years ago. It is attributed to Sun Tzu (Chinese military strategist, general, philosopher, and writer), and is about various aspects of military warfare. The work presents the basic principles of warfare and provides advice on […]

Utopia Vs. Dystopia. What is your paradise?

If utopia is a paradise, then dystopia is a paradise lost. Have you found your paradise? Thomas More’s utopia is a capital work of fiction. Written in 1516, it is a sociopolitical satire that eventually became one of the most widely studied and thought-about manuscripts of the Western world. First published in 1516, More had […]

Healthcare Improvement through Happiness

Healthcare already works for the betterment of humankind; its goal is to improve and extend the lives of all humans. However, the problem in healthcare today lies significantly in the way it uses the resources it has available. Both the amount of resources and how they are used is essential. The 2019 Global Happiness and […]

Mahatma Gandhi – Peace and Truth at the Heart of Freedom

We all can agree that Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most exceptional human beings who has ever lived. His fight for freedom in the most nonviolent way imaginable is the stuff of legends, and deservingly so. His actions have been studied for a long time and are essential knowledge we all should know. The […]

How Happiness at Work Leads to Increased Productivity

It goes to show that money can’t make people happier. What’s more, overworking which leads to more money can make people more miserable. It stands to reason that happiness in the workplace can increase productivity. Although, it’s not something that most companies care for, and it’s certainly not a norm to which all business strive. […]

How Transformative Technology Improves Our Happiness

Technologies for human flourishing There are plenty of ways in which many leaders among us try to improve happiness on a broader level. But only through tech can we truly revolutionize this effort, and that’s precisely what transformative technologies are trying to achieve. In this article, we’ll explain what these are and how they are […]