Social Justice and Fundamental Peace

Social Justice and Fundamental Peace

“Peace is not only absence of violence, it is the presence of justice.” – Mahatma Gandhi Peace is (or it should be) a desirable goal of every person and every country. We simply need it if we want to have economic and social stability. Peace, therefore, should be a primary political objective that responsible leaders […]

Harnessing Anger to Drive Change

Harnessing Anger to Drive Change

“Anger is not bad. Anger can be a very positive thing, the thing that moves us beyond the acceptance of evil.” – Joan Chittister When Nobel prize winner Kailash Satyarthi was born, he was lucky enough to be born into a high caste in India, meaning he had all the opportunities to develop into an […]

An I.D.E.A. For Social Justice

An IDEA for Social Justice

“Social justice is the surest guarantor of peace in the world.” – Guy Ryder An awakening to systemic racism, inequality, stigma, and other harmful behavior in the context of a global pandemic has made these social injustices impossible to ignore anymore and is slowly driving governments, world leaders, and organizations to establish and strengthen approaches […]

Building Narratives to Rising. Social Justice for World Happiness

Building Narratives to Rising

The world today is a complicated place. Technological advancements have allowed us to be more connected than ever, yet we have never been more disconnected from each other and our environment. We are more aware of global problems than ever, yet the physical distance from them provides a (false) sense of security and an excuse […]

Web3 – Community, Ownership, Decentralization, Utility

Web3 and World Happiness

The increasing dominance of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has facilitated the rise of Web3, powered by decentralized networks. Designed to restore power to its users, this game-changing movement is signaling a paradigm shift in how we use the internet.  What is Web3? Also known as Web 3.0, Web3 is the next phase in the evolution […]

The Future of Cryptocurrency and its Link to World Happiness

Crypto Currency and World Happiness

The last year has been a big one for cryptocurrency. We’ve seen Bitcoin hitting multiple new record-high prices followed by sudden drops and more institutional buy-ins from major companies. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, has also recorded its latest all-time high last year. Meanwhile, people’s interest in cryptocurrency has skyrocketed, not just among investors but in […]

NFTs For Good

World Happiness Metaverse of NFTs

NFTs are all the craze these days, with astronomical sums of cryptocurrency being paid for this digital artwork. For the past year or so, celebrities, digital artists, and creatives of all sorts have been lining up to put their unique NFT artwork on the blockchain. If you haven’t heard about NFTs, you might feel a […]

Why Blockchain Economy Matters for World Happiness

BlockChain and World Happiness

When most people hear the word ‘blockchain,’ they probably instantly think of cryptocurrencies, mainly bitcoin. Although blockchain technology was first developed for this cryptocurrency, today, it could play a vital role in addressing challenges faced by infrastructure-poor economies. What is Blockchain? Blockchain technology is a decentralized ledger system for recording and storing information in a […]

Heal your suffering: A Tibetan meditation

Gabriella Wright is an actor, model and Co-Founder of the Never Alone initiative alongside Deepak Chopra and Poonacha Machaiah. Suffering is a memory. That’s what it is. And if we cut the memory, then we’re free. But sometimes the memory is very, very strong. So you have to use remedies techniques. It hurts. Things hurt. […]

Insights From the First Global Survey of Balance and Harmony

World Happiness Report Harmony

Scholarly understanding of happiness continues to advance with every passing year, with new ideas and insights constantly emerging. Some constructs, like life evaluation, have been established for decades, generating extensive research. Contrary to this, other well-being-related topics are only beginning to receive due recognition and attention, including balance and harmony. However, empirical insight into how […]