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How a Wearable Can Impact Sleep and Psychological Well Being

Wearables have been on the market for quite some time and have shown to be of great use in many ways. The technology behind them is continually improved, and we will probably get to a point where a wearable will have specific transformative powers.

However, we are here today to discuss a wearable that has come the closest to making exact transformative change for the person wearing it – the Oura ring, a wearable designed to help you improve your sleep and sleeping habits, as well as improve your overall psychological well being.

Sleep Can Change Everything

The ring focuses on improving one single thing from which overall psychological wellbeing stems – sleep. Most leaders and other busy business people know how their work and life can get overwhelming and more specifically time-consuming, all of which results in you making sacrifices in some crucial areas in your life that enable you to live healthily.

The main thing we sacrifice the most is sleep. So many busy people end up sleeping for only a few hours every night, which is in no way enough if you care for your health and well-being. What’s more, lack of sleep results in weaker concentration and energy, and your career will inevitably suffer from that.

That’s what needs to change, and that’s precisely where the Oura Ring can help.

How the Ring Works

The ring packs a lot in its small package – infrared sensors, infrared detector, thermistors, accelerometer, and a gyroscope.

All of these sensors work together to measure your sleep stages (the deep sleep, light sleep, and REM stages.) They measure your heart rate and its rate variability. They also track your respiration rate and changes in your body temperature. And in the end, it also measures the things we are already used to wearables tracking – steps and calories burned.

All of this technology is packed in a small yet well-designed package in the form of a ring that you’ll barely notice, unlike many other cumbersome wearables. The man behind the ring, Harpreet Singh Rai, has also designed the wearable to be a ring because the technology can work equally well and possibly even better than in other forms.

The award-winning ring comes with an app in which all of the data that the ring gathers will be found. That information is more than useful in enabling you to see what you’re doing wrong and will allow you to prioritize your time better finally.

All of that is because the ring will collect data and offer it in a way that will enable you to get better insights into your sleeping habits and how and where you need to improve.

The insights offered will get you to start sleeping more and start snoozing the way you should – the way that will get you rested and ready to start the day wholly rebooted. By achieving that, you’ll be able to finally do the work you have and be healthy and happy at the same time.


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