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How Will Immersive Technologies Leverage Human Physiology and Perceptual Realities to Enhance Experience

We all have vastly different experiences of the world. It comes from the diversity among us. Everyone experiences everything distinctly due to their unique selves, their views, skills, and a lot more.

Sometimes these differences can even reach some extremes like, for example, people who have facial dysmorphia. Their entire view of the world is different because of their condition through which they have a warped perception of their face. What these people see is next to unimaginable for people without the disorder.

However, this uniqueness is somewhat changing today, mostly due to globalization but more importantly due to new technologies that improve the way we view things.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing as we will soon have a very different relationship to technology.

Human Perception Is Changing

Dr. Poppy Crum – a neuroscientist and technologist, believes that we will soon have an entirely different way of dealing with technology and our data. She sees three different ways in which consumer technology will transform our relationship with our bodies, and the one we have with each other.

  1. Technology targeted neuroplasticity – it will make us faster, improve our hearing, vision, it will enable us to recover more rapidly, and it will allow us to think more effectively. We have been researching plasticity for decades, but we are finally reaching a point where it will indeed be transformative for humanity.
  2. Empathetic technology – through it we’ll have a different relationship with each other, but also with the space around us, our environment, places where we live, work, train, and heal. This technology will benefit all of us, and it will know us on a much deeper level.
  3. No more one-size-fits-all technology – this will be a thing of the past as technology will finally start to know more about us than we know.

Technology is Improving

Technology is indeed reaching a different level now. The devices we use will soon know more about us than we do. The same can be said for health. Technology can already find diseases sooner than we can, which is scary to some but it is a real revolution as it has the potential to improve humanity.

The end of the poker face is here as humans will no longer be able to hide what we feel from technology. Our devices will have constant access to us, and they will passively interact with us. It won’t have to be a conscious decision on our end, and the device will do it for us all the time.

All of that will have unique benefits for the entirety of humanity as we’ll be able to interact with everything around us in an improved way. It will begin a different period for humans, the age Dr. Poppy Crum likes to call the era of the empath. The new immersive technology will indeed be able to enhance all of our experiences, but also our health and psychological well-being.


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