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Join the World Happiness Foundation Founder Luis Gallardo

and board member Philip Kotler at the

eWorld Marketing Summit 2021

November 06-07

Special price only available from WHF

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Create a better world through marketing and creativity

Again, the 2021 eWorld Marketing Summit will be streaming live to a global audience from November 6 to 7. Delegates, from East to West, developed and emerging economies, will come together!

Dr. Philip Kotler

Father of Modern Marketing & Board Member of the World Happiness Foundation

What is the World Marketing Summit?

In 2010, Philip Kotler founded the World Marketing Summit (WMS), an annual gathering of innovators and design thinkers, because he believed that marketing can be the driver for social change.

Delegates will get:


For streaming of sessions for 48 hours from November 6-7, 2021


(e-book) with 88 authors


Signed by Dr. Philip Kotler


Discounts for future eWMS and WMS.

Free one (1) month access to Learning on Demand (LOD) for attendees who register early, from now until September 30, 2021 only.

Early Bird Bonus

Get the right mindset to contribute to the common good. Join us!

Special price only available from WHF

What is their secret?

Men and women who maneuvered their brands and companies

Main Speakers

Government Leaders

C-Suite Marketing Executives

Marketing and Business Consultants and Experts


The battle against COVID-19 continues, you can donate $ 2.00 per ticket for vaccines at the event

Speakers’ Community

whether your brand is a product, a service or even a nation you can win the hearts and loyalty of your customers!...for good.

eWMS will show you how to boost your brand’s positve impact in the world:


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