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World Happiness Foundation

The World Happiness Foundation stands as a beacon of optimism and transformative action in a world grappling with myriad challenges. Its strategic programs articulated through a compelling vision for fundamental peace and global happiness, offer a roadmap for achieving an ambitious goal: to create a world of freedom, consciousness, and happiness for all. This essay delves into the foundation’s core strategies, exploring the “What,” “Why,” and “How” of its mission to realize #10BillionHappyby2050.

What for: Fundamental Peace for World Happiness

At the heart of the World Happiness Foundation’s mission is the pursuit of fundamental peace—a cornerstone for fostering global happiness. This peace transcends mere absence of conflict, encompassing an inner tranquility and societal harmony that pave the way for sustainable happiness and well-being worldwide.

Why: A Vision for Global Freedom, Consciousness, and Happiness

The foundation’s driving force is the realization of a world where freedom, consciousness, and happiness are not just ideals but lived experiences for every individual. This vision acknowledges that true happiness is multifaceted, involving emotional well-being, mental clarity, and societal conditions that allow individuals and communities to flourish.

How: Strategic Programs and Initiatives

The foundation employs a multifaceted approach to achieving its goals, integrating insights from diplomacy, psychology, and social innovation. Key strategies include:

  • Redefining Diplomacy: Advocating for diplomacy that prioritizes emotional well-being and the banishment of violence, setting a new standard for international relations and conflict resolution. More Info here.
  • Self-Deconstruction and Rebuilding: Encouraging individuals to embark on journeys of self-discovery and reconstruction founded on positive emotions and resilience. More info here
  • Liberating the Mind: Championing mental freedom and consciousness expansion as pathways to global happiness. More info here
  • Navigating the Depths of the Psyche: Delving into shadow work and parts dynamics to heal and integrate the psyche. More info here
  • Happytalism, Supreme Happiness, The Exponentials of Happiness and Meta Pets: These innovative concepts and projects introduce new paradigms for understanding and achieving happiness at both personal and societal levels. / / /

What: Concrete Initiatives for World Happiness

To translate its vision into action, the foundation has launched several groundbreaking initiatives:

  • City of Happiness: Transforming urban environments into thriving ecosystems that support the well-being of all residents. More info here.
  • School of Happiness: Nurturing educational ecosystems that foster flourishing students, equipped not just academically but emotionally and socially. More info here.
  • Enterprise of Happiness: Cultivating organizational ecosystems where workplaces are sources of well-being and creativity. More info here.
  • Chief Well-Being Officer Program: Recognizing the critical role of well-being in contemporary society and equipping leaders to champion this within their organizations. More info here.
  • Professional Coaching Program: Providing individuals with the tools and insights to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities with resilience and joy. More info here.
  • Discovery Expeditions: Organizing transformative journeys to places like Bhutan, Auroville, and Nicoya, known for their unique approaches to happiness and well-being. More info here.
  • World Happiness Fest: A global event that fosters connections, learning, and innovation in the pursuit of happiness. More info here.
  • Gross Global Happiness Summit: Convening thought leaders and practitioners at UPEACE to advance the global happiness agenda. More info here.
  • Temples of Happiness: Establishing spaces dedicated to the exploration and experience of profound joy and well-being. More info here.

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The World Happiness Foundation’s strategic programs offer a bold and holistic blueprint for achieving a happier, more peaceful world. By redefining diplomacy, championing mental liberation, and cultivating environments where happiness can thrive, the foundation is paving the way toward realizing its vision of #10BillionHappyby2050. Through its comprehensive and innovative approaches, the World Happiness Foundation not only inspires but also equips individuals and communities to transform their lives and societies, making the dream of global happiness an achievable reality.

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UPEACE Centre for Executive Education University for Peace (UPEACE) – UN Mandated Florida International University Florida International University – College of Business Dr. Rekhi Singh REKHI FOUNDATION FOR HAPPINESS Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Saamdu Chetri Dr. Sungu Armagan Dr. Edith Shiro Vibha Tara Ellen Campos Sousa, Ph.D. Jayati Sinha Valerie Freilich Mavis Tsai Mohit Mukherjee Rosalinda Ballesteros Raj Raghunathan Philip Kotler Nichol Bradford Daniel Almagor Raúl Varela Barros World Happiness Fest – bēCREATION Fundación Mundial de la Felicidad (España) Luis Gallardo Aneel Chima Manas Kumar Mandal Jennifer Price Paul Atkins Yogesh Kochhar Loretta Breuning, PhD Tia Kansara Ph.D. Hon FRIBA Deepak Ohri Nancy Richmond Rolando Gadala-Maria Carine Bouery Liliana Nuñez Ugalde LANU Silvia Parra R


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