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How Virtual Reality Will Shape the Way We Learn

Virtual reality (VR) has been in use for some time now and recently has become accessible to a wide range of people with different means. VR headsets are cheaper than ever before, and many people can afford them. Plus, there’s now an enormous range of applications and things to do with VR.

One of these is education, and this article will show you how VR will change the way we learn, as it is already developing how we learn.

How the Education System Is Using VR and AR Technology

Many teachers are already using the technology to create and customize their virtual worlds, all to enhance the way they present content to students and to get them to learn more.

They use these virtual worlds to teach students in ways they can’t attain in real life, by taking them to places they otherwise couldn’t reach in reality and by practically doing things they can’t get in real life.

Virtual worlds even allow for a visual representation of abstract concepts like the ones in science and mathematics, things that are impossible to visually present in real life.

Virtual settings can even be used to train medical students, as these allow them to make errors that would otherwise harm a patient in real life.

In essence, virtual worlds are only limited by our imaginations and what the technology can do – the technology that’s already very advanced and will become even more so soon.

Studies and research have already been done to show the usefulness of the technology in the classroom, and the findings are overwhelmingly positive:

Changes Are Coming

In the not so distant past, most of this could only access through a computer, but now with the rapid advancement and use of VR headsets, we can completely immerse ourselves in these virtual worlds.

The many classrooms around the world are still to see the use of what VR can genuinely offer, but many startups are already beginning to bring us new ways to learn.

  • Play2Speak has designed a VR adventure game that helps students improve their English skills. The game uses artificial intelligence to create fun stories and a more real experience.
  • Unimersiv has designed an app that lets you explore ancient Rome through VR headsets.
  • Immerse Learning has created a training program with the use of VR. You enter a simulated world through VR glasses and with controllers you can do training in handling different types of equipment.

The Bottom Line

The world of education is quickly changing, and with the continuous use and advancement of VR and with the innovative work by real leaders, it will become a completely different, better and more immersive experience in the future.

The same can be said about health as well, as we already mentioned in the article. At the World Happiness Fest, especially on the TransTech day, we discuss precisely that, and you can join us if you’re looking to be among those changing the world for the better!


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