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CWO Cases of Top Companies and People

CWO Cases of Top Companies and People

The rise of Chief Well-Being Officers in the workplace will show us how prioritizing holistic health will impact overall employee happiness and company productivity. Let’s take a look at how top companies are defining well-being and how the CWO role is changing its leadership and culture:

The CIA – Dr. Jennifer Posa

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) welcomed its first-ever Chief Well-Being Officer, Dr. Jennifer Posa, in November 2022. CIA Director William J. Burns expressed the agency’s desire to empower officers to “thrive while increasing resilience.” Dr. Posa and her team will oversee initiatives that will:

  • Expand opportunities for employees to practice health and well-being activities during the workday
  • Provide additional mental health resources to officers and their family members
  • Increase access to childcare subsidies
  • Identify other flexible work options for officers

Some of the investments the CIA has already made in alignment with its focus on “building a healthy and resilient workforce” include a state-of-the-art fitness center at the headquarters. The well-being leadership team is also investing in new childcare options.

Unilever – Diana Han, MD

Diana Han, MD, is Unilever’s VP, Global Health, and Chief Medical Officer. Before her role at Unilever, she was the Chief Medical Officer for GE Appliances.

Han’s team is responsible for the health of Unilever’s 150,000 employees worldwide. Unilever has a global well-being framework that includes various components, such as physical, emotional, social, and financial well-being. They offer a range of programs and benefits to support employee well-being, including mental health resources, flexible work arrangements, and fitness programs. Some of its innovative well-being programs include:

  • Global Well-Being Hub – The Global Well-Being Hub is a single global model for Well-Being that brings all of Unilever’s information on Well-Being together, including resources for teams and managers on managing change and team Well-Being.
  • Unilever Well-Being App – Unilever’s Clickwell Unilever Well-Being App gives employees access to health and Well-Being information or urgent assistance. It also allows employees to participate in well-being assessments. 
  • The Unilever Employee Assistance program follows a “1 Chat, 1 Call, or 1 Click” model, ensuring employees can access the support they need.

Aon – Rachel Fellowes

Aon is a multinational financial services firm that sells risk-mitigation products. Aon is taking a comprehensive approach to employee well-being, recognizing that it encompasses many aspects of an employee’s life and experience at work.

In May 2022, it appointed Rachel Fellowes as its first-ever Chief Well-Being Officer as a part of its “ongoing efforts to build resilient workforces.” In the newly created role, Fellowes would develop strategies to address the prioritization of Well-Being, enhance working environments that support Well-Being, and promote human sustainability.

As the Human Sustainability Index (HSI) developer, Fellowes will enhance Aon’s Well-Being solutions with a performance tracker for corporate Well-Being. Her approach focuses on data-driven strategies to gain insight into employees’ emotional experiences and how those affect their productivity and resilience.

Aon has a dedicated Health Solutions team that provides various services related to health and Well-Being, such as employee benefits and wellness programs. Aon’s benefits programs are designed to help employees improve their physical, mental, and financial well-being. Aon also offers various resources and tools to help employees manage stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In addition, Aon has a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), recognizing that a diverse and inclusive workplace is essential for employee well-being and overall business success. Aon has various DEI initiatives and programs to promote a more inclusive workplace culture, including employee resource groups, diversity and inclusion training, and a diversity and inclusion council.

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