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Energetical cleanse: A path towards balance

Milena (Millah) Barbosa is a brazilian singer, actress, producer, and healer. Founder and CEO of YouTuneIn, which focuses her creative spirit into healing and shares it with the world.

Hello, everybody. Good morning. My name is Milah, I’m going to share what I know and what I feel that is true for me, so you can judge and take what is true for you.

Let’s talk about energy

What do you understand about energy? Well, I understand that energy is everywhere and it is truly in everything. We are energy, but we are also a source of energy. Everything that we think is creating an emotion; every thought generates emotion, and that emotion is energy in motion. Every time that we are resonating, we are creating different emotions in our heart: electric pulses. And pulses happen in this net, in this world and we are pulsing this energy to the world.

It’s the same as a computer receiving the waves to find a wireless network, for example. The challenge is how to choose our thoughts, how to not feel something destructive. How to not be interfered by some external actions that impact our internal world. I believe understanding all of this, even if it is new, it makes sense, right? But the hard thing is how to really manifest this creation through your thoughts.

Why are prayers and mantras so powerful? Did you ever think about it? Because you don’t pray a Holy Father, you don’t resonate or express a mantra with hate. Do you? No. You always carry this act full of love, full of faith, full of compassion, and when you resonate in the same frequency, the same energy finds its energy and unites. And that’s why miracles can happen, truly.

Balancing energy and emotions

So let’s say you wake up, some thoughts are bothering you like negative thoughts and everything seems to be a mess in your day. You’re like, Oh my God. I step out of the bed with the wrong foot.

That is because literally that frequency is picking up things that resonate with the frequency in which you are in that moment. There are a lot of exercises, a lot of things that you can do to keep yourself in alignment. And for that, I’m going to have to say, you’re going to have to be a little selfish in a good way.

You need to love yourself and really need to care about how you feel. I care about so many people in my life: my family, my friends, the people that work with me. I care about them so much, so much, and I try my best to be by their side to help in everything I can.

However, you need to ask yourself: How is that interfering in your life? Is this aligning you? Or disaligning? Is this taking you out of focus from your purpose? Or is this putting you in your way towards your purpose?

Even in a couple’s relationship: Is this relationship in alignment with who I am with what I am today? Regardless of what you were in the past or where you want to be. Today, is this person really in alignment with me? Is this person resonating with my purpose, with my vision, what I want for myself and my future, my path? Do we empower each other? If it’s all good, great. But if in some moment you feel that this is not in alignment, it’s OK. You need to pay attention to the way you feel, so you can put yourself back in alignment.

Manifest what you want to get

Also, you can start being grateful. Being grateful puts you in a frequency that is not low and not super high, but it’s keeping you in the higher frequency close to love and compassion frequency, and you have to practice gratefulness every day. You have so many things to be grateful for. What happens is: It’s really hard to see what is good when we are in depression or anxiety. This frequency is so low that it’s hard for you to pick up to the higher frequencies because all these higher frequencies sound like a threat for you.

Your higher self is not going to come down to meet you in the lower frequency. It’s always going to be high up there. So how do you connect to the manifestation in your life, the things that you want to manifest, your desire? Let’s say let’s call it vortex. You need to keep yourself in alignment with the higher frequencies so you can start downloading all this positivity to your life, everything that’s in your vortex to be manifested.

It’s really a challenge to find yourself in alignment all the time. And I think when you’re not in alignment, you’re finding the contrast of things.


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